Anna Anthropy’s ‘Gay Cats Go to the Weird Weird Woods’ Released

Prolific indie game developer Anna Anthropy has released her latest game, Gay Cats Go to the Weird Weird Woods as a Freeware download for Windows PCs. Built using Gamemaker, Anthropy's latest game stars her and her partners' cats, who go on a magical adventure in the woods together. The game is described as "a low-pressure, enjoyable, exploratory experience" that will take players about 15 minutes to finish.

"GAY CATS is a continuation of a lot of stuff i was doing with emotica: there's no fail state, you just wander around SEEING AND HEARING NEAT THINGS. it's a one-player game: both cats move together, like in nightmare cooperative. sometimes unexpected things happen because of the cats' simultaneous movements, but mostly i didn't worry about this too much," notes Anna Anthropy on her Patreon page.

You can find the game for free here. The game is only available for Windows but Anthropy has released the Gamemaker source in case someone is interested in porting it to other platforms.


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