Crowd-Funding Campaign Launches for ‘GX3: Everyone Games’ Event

Gaymer X has launched the Kickstarter for Gaymer X3, though the next event is a long ways off and will not bear the "Gaymer X" name. The name of the event has been changed to "GX3: Everyone Games," in an effort to offer a fan gathering that was more inclusive to all including those who do identify with the "gaymer" label and those who don't but want to hang out with their friends in a safe and welcoming space. While the venue has yet to be determined, co-founder of the event Matt Conn notes that it will take place in the Bay area due to popular demand.

Gaymer X / MidBoss Games are looking to raise $80,000 or more for GX3, with tentative plans to host an event in November or December of 2015. If you are ready to commit to the event now you can do so by choosing a support level and adding $60 per ticket.

More details on the Kickstarter and the event can be found on the event's Kickstarter page or by watching the pitch video to your left.

Organizers of GX3 also thanked Devolver Digital, Dim Bulb Games, Bertil Hörberg, Coffee Stain Studios, Mike Bithell, Tinsley PR, Maxistentialism, Asher Vollmer, and Wow, Such Business for offering to sponsor at least $3,000 each. These pledges were offered after a public dust-up with NIS America over a sponsorship deal at Gaymer X2. That misunderstanding was settled amicably and all involved have publicly apologized to each other. They also thanked Blizzard Entertainment has committed over $10,000, and Hornet for donating over $50,000 in free ad space on their dating app.

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