GameFly Sells Off Digital Games Business to AtGames

Video games rental service GameFly has divested itself of the PC digital games platform that it bought from IGN in 2011 to AtGames. After purchasing Direct2Drive (an early competitor to Valve's Steam) from IGN in 2011, the company rebranded and relaunched the service as "GameFly Digital." The company has put up a small notice announcing the sale on its PC games portal at

The short notice reads: "GameFly digital customers: GameFly has sold its digital download business to AtGames Holding Ltd. GameFly will continue to operate the digital download business for AtGames until later this year or until the transition is complete. Please click here for additional details concerning your user information."

A message from AtGames thanks GameFly Digital customers for their patience as it transitions the service into its operations:

"We at AtGames are excited about the next step and future of bringing games directly to your desktop. In holding true to the fantastic service GameFly Digital has provided, AtGames’ mission is to build upon an extensive product line-up, quality service, and great customer support. AtGames appreciates your continued business and looks forward to servicing the needs of consumers like yourself through innovation, continued extensive library of great games, and build an incredible community of like-minded gamers. Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this transition period."

AtGames has been in business since 2001 and sells and distributes various products in the North America, Latin America, Europe, C.I.S., Australia, and Asia.

There's no indication that this deal will affect GameFly's video games rental-by-mail services.

GameFly apparently no longer owns video games news site ShackNews either, though who now owns it and when that deal took place is unknown as of this writing.

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