The Mirror Tries to Connect ISIS Recruitment With ‘Call of Duty’

Ahmed Muthana, the father of two ISIS members fighting in the Middle East (Nasse and Aseel Muthana), claims that Jihadist in Britain lured his children into the cause using Call of Duty. The questionable report from UK paper The Mirror (with the fantastical headline, "'Call of Duty video game used to recruit Jihadists' British father of radicalized fighters claims") plays on the heartache of a father who has lost his sons to the cause of ISIS in Iraq to write yet another derogatory headline about games.

In the report the elder Muthana says that he could not afford to buy his sons "call of Duty" but he had – in the past – let them play football and wrestling games. He tells The Mirror that he "believes the men who radicalized his sons may have given them the game to prepare them for war."

"Maybe the game was bought for them by the same people who encouraged them to go to Syria. I don't know," he told The Mirror.

His son Nasser recently appeared in a recruitment video alongside another Cardiff man named Riyaad Khan. His younger brother Aseel is fighting in Syria for ISIS.

Police confiscated a computer from Muthana's home, according to the paper.

The Mirror is one of several UK publications that often cover the vague or weak connections between video games and real-world violent crimes – often with very little information or evidence to back up the angles they are pushing.

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