OnLive Expanding Into Europe Later This Year

Cloud-based gaming service OnLive announced that the OnLive Game Service will launch in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, and Ireland in the fourth quarter of this year. The OnLive Game Service is already available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

"Since day one we’ve seen a sizeable chunk of traffic from these regions because of their great connectivity and bias towards our client platforms,” said Bruce Grove, OnLive’s General Manager. "That interest has continued to grow, and we’re close to completing the network operations necessary to deliver full services in these regions. Expect more announcements in the very near future."

The company launched a new client Beta on March 5 for PC, Mac, Android tablets, consoles and smartphones, and has scaled up its infrastructure to allow for extending the OnLive Game Service into more countries.

The OnLive subscription packages includes access to over 300 game titles through its CloudLift and PlayPack subscription plans. In March its launched CloudLift, which allows those willing to pay nearly $15 a month to stream games that they have already purchased on PCs, Macs, and Android-based micro-console devices like Ouya, GameStick, Nvidia's Shield, Mad Catz Mojo, and more. The games from Steam accounts are actually played from OnLive's server farms, and progress is synced with Steam cloud-save game files.

OnLive also launched OnLive Go in March; it is a business-to-business service similar to what competitor Gaikai offered before being snapped up by Sony. OnLive Go lets publishers stream game demos and full games to consumers, but does not force the company to take on the OnLive brand.

We wrote about these new services when they launched back in March. You can learn more here.

OnLive launched in 2010, but had some serious financial trouble that led to massive layoffs and the sale of the company to a private investor. After reworking its business model and the services it provides, the company unofficially relaunched (we say unofficially because the company never officially shut down or went out of business technically).

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