IGDA Board of Directors Issues Statement on Developer Harassment

The International Game Developers Association has thrown its support behind game developers who have been the target of harassment online over the last week or so on social media. Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn, Polytron founder and Fez creator Phil Fish, and Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series creator Anita Sarkeesian were just some of the names mentioned by the IGDA.

The group's board of directors released a brief statement calling on the video games industry and the gaming community at large to be a united front against personal attacks and aggressive online behavior from and within the gaming community aimed at developers.

"Over the last several weeks, game developers and affiliates have been the subject of harassment and 'doxxing' attacks, including threats and posting of home addresses," the group said.

"While we support diverse viewpoints and healthy debate on the issues within our industry, we condemn personal attacks such as these which are not only morally reprehensible, but also illegal in many countries. We call on the entire game community to stand together against this abhorrent behavior."

The IGDA is referring to personal attacks on Fish, Quinn, Sarkeesian, and their supporters on social media, which ranged from misogynistic comments, to hacking efforts (including doxxing – or stealing and releasing private and personal information online, taking over the Polytron web site, and hacking Twitter accounts) and even death and rape threats.

Critics of Fish, Quinn, and Sarkeesian insist that these "hacking and doxxing attacks" were fabricated to garner sympathy and attention from the community.

Earlier this week Sarkeesian who released a new episode of her ongoing series, "Tropes vs. Women in Games," earlier in the week, shared the tweets from just one person on Twitter, who said that he would rape and kill her. She contacted authorities and left her home because of this and other messages from people who do not agree with her work.

Source: GII

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