NYT Report: Twitch Has More Primetime Viewers Than E!, MSNBC, and Other Cable Networks

According to a New York Times report (highlighted by Joystiq), Twitch draws more viewers than popular cable networks such as HLN, CNN, E!, MSNBC, TruTV and even MTV during peak hours. Twitch's viewer numbers have been on the uptick for two years, hitting an impressive milestone of about 800,000 viewers during peak (or in TV terms, "primetime") hours.

While Twitch's numbers can't compare to streaming juggernauts like Netflix, or Google's YouTube, it's understandable why Amazon might have a keen interest in what Twitch's numbers can do for them. Those numbers had a lot to do with Amazon spending nearly $1 billion dollars to buy them earlier this week.

It's unclear if Amazon has any plans to use Twitch to add a gaming category using Twitch content to its Prime Instant video catalog, but it wouldn't surprise us if it did.

Amazon has also shown a keen interest in the gaming space this year. It has hired several key developers and executives from the gaming industry in recent months and bought out Killer Instinct developer Double Helix Games. That purchase is likely tied to building out original content for its other game-related initiative: Amazon Fire TV, which allows user to play Android-based games and watch streaming content from Prime.

You can read the entire NYT report here.

Source: Joystiq

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