President Obama’s Choice for ‘Piracy Czar’ is Cozy With Hollywood

This week the White House nominated an entertainment industry lawyer to be the new "piracy czar." The job's main function is to coordinate intellectual property enforcement efforts at various federal-level government agencies. The new czar will be Danny Marti, who replaces Victoria Espinel; she left last year to take the reins of lobbying group, The Software Alliance, or the BSA.

Critics argue that, much like the previous czar, Marti's tenure will be one-sided due to his past affiliation with the entertainment industry. In other words, he will likely spend a lot of time taking down web sites that traffic in pirated goods, and do little or nothing to address abuses of the currently broken copyright system.

Marti still needs to be confirmed by the United States Senate. Maybe they can get some answers from him on this important subject before they rubber stamp his appointment.

Source: GIGA OM

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    Well….Obama's own FCC picks helped Comcast merge with NBC if certain political aspects were honored leaning towards his way. Also, the Obama's are very cozy with Hollywood not only with their belief structure but also with trying to help they're daughter get the fast track into Hollywood.

    The problem with the Obama's regulation picks whether they are the FCC or otherwise they've allowed businesses to become to big to fail if those businesses of course fall in line with ObamaPolitics.

    Whether its banks or a cable company at some point when you allow a company to merge to the point it controls the nation that's a problem. Sadly, ObamaPolitics seems to go against a business that has become to big because of sheer effort rather than going after companies that the only reason why they are big is because they merged to death. We can't keep going after the players who are innovation because hey they are the best but ignoring fairly poor and outdated businesses like Comcast that merge to the point there is no competition. Comcast did not get to where it is now because it is number 1 but rather through a series of mergers.

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