Puppy Games Launches Patreon for MMO ‘Battledroid’

Puppy Games has launched a Patreon to fund the ongoing development of its free MMO Battledroid. While the small indie studio continues to work on it, it has come to the conclusion that the MMO needs at least another year of development time and it does not have enough money to fund that effort. So they decided to turn to Patreon instead of other crowdfunding methods like Indiegogo or Kickstarter to raise some funds.

Why did Puppy Games choose Patreon? Well, Patreon allows those who want to fund a developer or person on a monthly basis for as long as they want. This allows for long-term and ongoing support of a project or cause and can be extended to other ideas or projects. Kickstarter doesn't provide that kind of flexibility because it is typically focused on one idea.

Puppy Games has been making PC games for 12 years. Its games include Droid Assault, Ultratron, and Titan Attacks. All of these titles are available on its web site and via other digital distribution platforms such as Steam.

You can learn more about Battledroid here.

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