Free-to-Play Game ‘Warframe’ Launches on Xbox One

Digital Extremes has launched Warframe on the Xbox One console worldwide today. Warframe is the first free-to-play game to be released through the ID@Xbox indie game development program. Digital Extremes' game is a third-person action game set in an evolving multiplayer sci-fi world.

Warframe features PvE shooter gameplay with an MMO flavor; squads of up to four players team up to gain experience and battle the evil forces called the Grineer. The game puts a heavy emphasis on cooperative play, clan-building, social connectivity and community building features available on Xbox One.

The game also supports Game DVR for video capture and sharing, and second screen functionality through SmartGlass using the companion Warframe Nexus App for Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

"Warframe has been a labor of love for our team for over a decade," said Steve Sinclair, creative director at Digital Extremes. "We believed in this concept when no one else did and it’s so satisfying to see the incredible reception it’s received from the gaming world — and now with the Xbox One launch it will just keep getting better."

Warframe can be downloaded for free today on Xbox One.

For more information on Warframe on Xbox One, visit

It will be interesting to see how this free-to-play title fares on Xbox One, given Microsoft's lack of support for such games in the previous console cycle.

You can get a glimpse of the game in the launch trailer to your left.

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