‘Left 4 Dead 2’ Finally Gets R18+ Rating in Australia

The PC version of first-person cooperative zombie survival game Left 4 Dead 2 has finally been reclassified in Australia with an R18+ rating (thanks Cheater87). The game, now has warnings for "high impact violence," "strong impact themes," and "mild impact language."

Left 4 Dead 2 was refused classification in Australia when it was first submitted in 2009, effectively banning its sale in the region. Valve appealed the decision prior to resubmitting uncensored and modified versions of the game for classification.

Eventually the classification board gave a modified version of the game a MA15+ rating. Unfortunately for Australian gamers, this meant that they had to play a version of the game that was missing limb dismemberment, decapitation, and post-mortem damage.

With this new rating all of the censored content will be added into the game.

Valve is delighted with the new rating, naturally:

"We are delighted that the full version of Left 4 Dead 2 will be available to fans age 18+ in Australia," Doug Lombardi said. "We are making plans to deliver that version to those who have already purchased the game. We will announce more details on that soon."

Source: GameSpot

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