‘The Stomping Land’ Pulled From Steam

Another day, another cautionary tale for consumers eager to plunk down their hard-earned money for early access games on Steam and for Kickstarter funding. Today Valve has pulled the action survival game The Stomping Land from Steam Early Access. While no reason was given by Valve for the removal of the game from Steam, the angry user reviews do a nice job of spelling out the situation: the developers haven't spoken publicly or updated the game in at least two months.

But the other wrinkle is the successful Kickstarter for the game, which raised $114,000 last June. The developers have been mostly silent, except for a report in early August where they assured those who backed the game that it "wasn't dead." Since talking to Kotaku, developer SuperCrit has returned to radio silence, much to the chagrin of backers.

Apparently Valve wasn't too pleased with all the user complaints, SuperCrit's silence, a Change.org petition demanding a refund, and user reviews that say that the developer has been out to lunch ever since it launched on Steam Early Access.

No word on if a refund is being provided by Valve to Early Access backers.

Source: Gamasutra

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