Tornado Twins Launch Kickstarter for ‘The Game Bible Series’

The Tornado Twins, the alter egos for Ruben and Efraim Meulenberg, are working on an episodic game series about the Bible called "The Game Bible Series," and have launched a Kickstarter to pay for the first three episodes.

They are seeking an initial funding goal of $35,000 to get the ball rolling, focusing on the story of David's rise from a lowly shepherd to the King of Israel – as chronicled in the Old Testament of the Bible. The long-term goal of the Tornado Twins is to create 52 episodes in the series covering the story of Adam and Eve in the Old Testament to the life of Jesus in the New Testament. The $35,000 goal will be used to create the first three episodes.

"Quality is of upmost importance to us," says Ruben Meulenberg, lead writer. "To ensure a high level of gameplay, several experts who have been involved in the making of 'Assassins' Creed' PSP, 'Stargate' PSP and the Lego games have weighed in on this project."

The Kickstarter features endorsements from Pastor Rick Warren, SpeedTree CEO Chris King, co-founder Josh Griffin, and video game artist Alexndre Lutz.

In case you don't know, The Tornado Twins are heavily involved in media production (electronic music, games, print media, and art), but their favorite medium is video games. They are best known for helping other video game developers through, a website dedicated to creating and selling pre-built Unity assets, and through YouTube tutorials.

You can learn more about the Kickstarter here.

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