4chan Introduces DMCA Policy

It looks like 4chan, a place that some might call the filthiest corner of the Internet, is putting a DMCA policy in place. According to this TorrentFreak article, the new policy was put in place in the wake of hundreds of nude celebrity photos being leaked online after being stolen from Apple's cloud service. Some insist that those photos first started showing up on 4chan.

While that part of the story is not a certainty, the management at 4chan has decided that it has to put some sort of policy in place to protect itself from lawsuits. The new DMCA policy registers a DMCA agent for 4chan, which will give the site safe harbor protection under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. That designated agent will be the point of contact for copyright complaints and DMCA notices when content owners believe that their property rights have been violated on 4chan.

The move is an interesting one for 4chan because content that is posted there doesn't tend to be saved for long in the first place:

"Threads expire and are pruned by 4chan’s software at a relatively high rate. Since most boards are limited to eleven or sixteen pages, content is usually available for only a few hours or days before it is removed," the site’s FAQ explains.

So why go through all this trouble in the first place? With the FBI taking up the investigation into the leaked celebrity photos, 4chan must have realize that it might be subject to a lawsuit or two (or other punitive action) if it didn't do something.

The irony of this move is that it will probably do little to quell the questionable material often posted there first.. before its spreads like wildfire to the rest of the Internet.

Source: TorrentFreak

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