EA Hires Former Starbucks Exec to Chief Marketing Officer Post

Electronic Arts has hired former Starbucks vice president of digital strategy Chris Bruzzo, according to a new blog post from the company. Bruzzo will take on the role of chief marketing officer, and will help shape the way EA utilizes social media and the Internet in general. During his time at Starbucks, Bruzzo helped formulate and implement the company's original digital and social media strategy. Bruzzo worked for Starbucks for seven years before jumping ship to EA.

"Chris will lead an integrated marketing, communications, web and digital service organization designed to advance our ability to put players first," reads a statement on the official EA news blog.

"Partnering with our development and technology teams, Chris will ensure we are delivering personal and meaningful experiences for players every time they connect with us and play an EA game."

Hopefully this new hire will help the company better communicate with customers on social media and in other corners of the Internet – and in turn lose its reputation as often being out of touch with customers' needs and concerns…

Source: CVG

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