Report: Xbox One on Track for Sept. 23 Release in China

Microsoft's Xbox One is on track to hit its target release date in China, according to Shanghai-based Dragon TV. According to the news outlet, Microsoft's Xbox One console is on schedule for its September 23 release in China. Microsoft's next-gen console has already made it through the customs process in Shanghai and is now being readied for shipment across the country.

Microsoft had to go through a customs process because, while the Xbox One for China was manufactured in Shanghai, Microsoft imported some of the components into the region. One of the stipulations put on companies who want to release consoles in China by the Chinese government is that the systems must be manufactured in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

The Chinese version of the Xbox One will come with a few timed exclusives, including indie and online games, and a number of government-approved launch titles that are already available elsewhere in the world.

The system will launch with a $602 price tag without the Kinect camera and $699 with the Kinect and four games.

A number of titles made for the system in China will be released at launch, with more to follow after the system becomes available in late September.

Source: Kotaku

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