IGDA Working With FBI to Combat Developer Harassment

The FBI is working with the IGDA and "bullying experts" to help game developers cope with and fight against online bullying, harassment and threats. According to Polygon, the IGDA began talking to the federal law enforcement agency during Comic-Con in San Diego back in July.

While details on how the meeting came about are up for debate, IGDA's executive director Kate Edwards said that the FBI met with her to discuss the harassment of developers online. This meeting was prior to all the insanity related to Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn and Tropes vs. Women in Video Games creator Anita Sarkeesian that is still ongoing on social media.

"I had a meeting with the FBI in July regarding harassment," Edwards tells Polygon. "They noted a rise in activity. They themselves monitor this activity, but they're focused more on cybercrime issues like hacking and very malicious harassment."

A spokeswoman with the San Diego office of the FBI confirmed the meeting with Polygon and described it as a "proactive." FBI spokeswoman Emily Yeh said that online harassment and threats are in the FBI's wheelhouse and that victims should not hesitate to contact their local FBI office or law enforcement when such events occur.

The IGDA says that it plans on creating some sort of online resource on its official site in the coming months to offer advice to developers on what they can do to minimize harassment and what steps to take when it happens.

Source: Polygon

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