‘Unreal Engine 4’ Free to Students and Teachers

Epic Games announced today that it is giving away its Unreal Engine 4 game development suite for free to universities and students. Teachers and students interested in obtaining Unreal Engine 4 for free can now submit their credentials through Epic's official site at www.unrealengine.com/education. Once approved, they will have access to the suite for free. Normally that Unreal Engine 4 license would cost $19 per month.

"There's no separate 'academic' version or anything like that," UE4 General Manager Ray Davis said to Ars Technica in a phone interview. "The cool thing is, as a student, even if you don’t decide to subscribe upon graduation, you'll still retain access to any version of the engine you had at that point. We’re not leaving people hanging at the end of a school year or anything like that."

He went out to say that this new model for students and teachers was born out of extensive feedback from individuals who wanted to use the engine for non-commercial and educational purposes.

Source: Ars Technica

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