International Intellectual Property Alliance wants more countries on USTR’s ‘Watch List’

Nothing to see here.The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) has filed a petition under the Special 301 provision to U.S. trade law with the United States Trade Representative to identify countries it believes have questionable laws and enforcement policies related to copyright and infringement. The IIPA is a coalition of trade groups representing various creative industries in Hollywood, the music industry, and the video game industry.

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Gigantic developer hit with ‘temporary’ layoffs

motigaGigantic may be in serious trouble as game developer Motiga announces a serious round of layoffs at the company. Motiga announced in a blog post this week that it was instituting a temporary layoff of a significant number of its staff.

The company said its financial situation warranted the layoffs – at least for the time being – and that it is in serious talks with investors.

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Nintendo and its fanboy – one of them doesn’t understand ‘Fair Use’

Eisen AppealLast month, on January 9th, I uploaded a video to YouTube called “Captain Toad Headbutts Toadette In the Crotch.”  The two and a half minute video uses gameplay and cutscene footage from Nintendo’s Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker to show off an animation that’s a little… odd, when viewed by a person with a mind as dirty as mine.

Alas, Content ID recognized the cutscene and the video was claimed by Nintendo, meaning the Big N would monitize my video and keep all of the ad revenue it generated.

I disputed its claim on grounds of Fair Use.  Last Saturday, four weeks to the day after I disputed its claim, Nintendo rejected my dispute.  So, what now?

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After 13 years, GameTrailers is no more

gametrailersDefy Media has shut down GameTrailers, the long-running video-centric gaming site founded in 2003 and once part of the Viacom family. According to several published reports, tweets from the site’s founder and the site’s official Twitter account, the site has been closed and its entire staff let go. By all accounts it sounds like the closure was a surprise to anyone even remotely involved in its daily operations.

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Mad Catz executives resign

Several executives and board members have resigned from video game peripheral maker Mad Catz, the company announced today. It is unclear why these people have resigned at this time and whether these departures were amicable ones.  Also it is curious that these departures have occurred right before Mad Catz will announces its third quarter earnings for the current fiscal year tomorrow.

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Unsung Story development halted

Japanese developer Playdek announced that it has suspended development of its game Unsung Story. You may recall that in early 2014 Playdek successfully funded the game via Kickstarter generating $660,126 from backers – it was looking for $600,000 at the time. The game, which is being fronted by Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy Tactics creator Yasumi Matsuno, generated what it was asking for, but didn’t hit any of its stretch goals.

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The Offworld Collection gets fully funded

offworldWriters Leigh Alexander and Laura Hudson’s collection of Offworld articles has surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter. The duo, two former primary contributors to Boing Boing’s alt-games blog Offworld, were looking to raise $30,000 to fund the project; as of this writing they have raised $35,711 from a little over 600 backers with another 25 days still left until the campaign ends.

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Apple rejects The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Apple has rejected the iOS version of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth from the App Store because it contains depictions of violence and abuse against children. According to Tyrone Rodriguez, the founder of publisher Nicalis and a producer on the game, Apple sent his company a rejection letter explaining why it wouldn’t allow the mature rated game on its storefront for iPhone and iPad devices.

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Infamous Chinese group will stop cracking games for a year

Chinese cracking group 3DM says it will stop trying to crack single-player games “for at least a year” so it can assess whether its activities actually affect game sales. This follows the group saying last month that it might be impossible to crack games within a few years thanks to technology like Denuvo’s anti-piracy system.

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