Popular FIFA YouTubers Hit By Cyber-Thieves

theftymcthiefIn a report coming from BBC, five popular FIFA Youtubers were targeted by cyber-thieves who stole millions of coins and deleted several popular players from the YouTubers’ accounts.

According to the report, the thieves used social engineering by calling Origin customer support and convincing them to transfer ownership of the accounts to email addresses controlled by the thieves.

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We’re giving away download codes for ‘Read Only Memories’ on Saturday’s podcast!

midboss_banner_romRead Only Memories, a cyberpunk-themed point-and-click adventure game, debuted on Steam earlier this week and developer MidBoss Games was kind enough to gift us a few download codes to pass on to our awesome community of readers.

We’ll be giving them away on tomorrow’s episode of Super Podcast Action Committee so if you’d like a shot at one, all you have to do is watch the show live.  We stream at 6p PST on Saturday night, right here on GamePolitics.  Throughout the show I’ll issue a challenge such as a trivia question and the first person in the chat to answer correctly, wins a Steam download code for Read Only Memories!

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No retail version of ‘Shovel Knight’ for Xbox One

shovel-knightShovel Knight maker Yacht Club Games announced that it has canceled the Xbox One retail release of the game. While details on why this has happened are pretty murky, Yacht Club Games described some difficulties in getting the game for Xbox One on physical disc and in retail. Here’s what the company wrote on its official site:

“With extremely heavy hearts, we’re sad to announce there will not be an Xbox One physical version this holiday. We really gave it our best effort, but unfortunately, because of publishing policies on that platform that are totally beyond our control, we couldn’t make it happen. We’re very sorry…we know there is a lot of interest – the pre-orders were really good and we thank everyone for their support!

We’ll keep fighting to get a retail version on Xbox One, but as of now, the boxed version is in indefinite limbo. The digital version of Shovel Knight on Xbox One is already available and will, of course, continue to receive new updates and our full support!”

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PS4 price drop hits North America tomorrow

ps4-system-imageblock-vs-us-19jun15Tomorrow, October 9, Sony will knock $50 of the MSRP of its Playstation 4 system in the U.S. and Canada.

Sony announced a price drop for Japan at the Tokyo Game Show last month so many figured other territories would soon follow suit.  Plus, a Target ad from last week let the cat out of the bag so this news, while welcome, likely doesn’t come as much of a surprise to many.

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Bobby Jindal takes aim at ‘violent media’

republicansLouisiana Governor and Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal put out a lengthy statement this week blaming violent media for gun violence. Dusting off an old argument, Jindal pointed fingers at Hollywood movies and video games as the cause for mass shootigs around the country.

Jindal goes on to blame America’s “garbage culture,” and veers away from inadequate control laws.

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UN pulls questionable report on ‘cyber violence against women’

unA September 24 report issued by the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union about “cyber violence against women” has been taken down and the agency that released it is now expressing regret over its publication after widespread criticism over its accuracy.

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Poll: Is Konami done with AAA game development?

voters_0_0_0Last summer, Konami released P.T., a downloadable horror game that turned out to be a teaser for a new Silent Hill game to be made by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro.  Holy crap, right?!  That’s going to be amazing!

Not only did Konami cancel the game, it removed the highly acclaimed playable teaser as well.

Metal Gear Solid V just came out but series director Hideo Kojima is no longer with the company.  What does that mean for the future of Metal Gear Solid?  Or Silent Hill?  What about classic Castlevania?

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