Play 1,000 Windows 3.1 games for free on Internet Archive

ELECT92_screenshotA year ago, the Internet Archive, a non profit devoted to creating an online library of our digital history, added a metric ton of DOS games that you can play in your browser for free.

Yesterday, it expanded its collection to include over 1,000 Windows 3.1 games and programs.  All of them are emulated in your browser and are available for free.  Pictured to the left is a screenshot of Election ’92 and yes, you can play it right now!

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Survey: Gamers find ‘Competition’ less and less appealing as they age

CompetitionVideo game analytics group Quantic Foundry revealed some interesting data based on a survey of over 140,000 gamers who have filled out there Gamer Motivation Profile, an online survey that gathers information on each respondent’s gaming habits.

After crunching the numbers, it found that among 12 motivations gamers have for playing games (Excitement, Challenge, Story, etc.), the appeal of Competition changes the most as gamers get older.

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Zoe Quinn drops harassment suit against ex

Zoe Quinn, indie game dev, author and founder of anti-harassment resource Crash Override Network, announced on her blog that she has dropped harassment charges against her ex, who alleged multiple infidelities in a lengthy blog post which resulted in Quinn being on the receiving end of countless amounts of unconscionable harassment that continues to this day (this was in addition to the scores of harassment she was already being subjected to).

“Ironically, getting a restraining order against [my ex] was the least effective thing I could do in terms of getting him out of my life for good, and for protecting myself,” said Quinn in a blog post explaining her decision to drop charges.

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Hatred developer reveals ‘IS Defense’

Hatred developer Destructive Creations has revealed a new game today called IS Defense and launched a Steam Greenlight campaign.

The game, which is tentatively set for a released in Q2 2016, is set in a fictional alternate reality where terror group ISIS has taken over Northern Africa in 2020 and is aiming to invade Europe.

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FanDuel cuts 55 jobs in Florida

fanduelThe Orlando Business Journal reports that FanDuel has laid off 55 people from its offices in in Maitland, Florida. FanDuel hired 38 former Zynga employees in 2015, and as of this writing it is unclear how many of those hires remain on the payroll.

According to the report, only 19 employees remain at the company in Maitland.

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Ars Technica wins ‘Excellence in Photography/ Illustration/ Infographic’ category in first annual Bill Kunkel Awards

The Society of Professional Journalists has announced the winners of the “Excellence in Photography/ Illustration/ Infographic” award, one of five categories dedicated to games journalism as part of the inaugural Bill Kunkel Awards. The awards, named after legendary games journalist William Kunkel, are designed to put a spotlight on “excellence in video game journalism,” according to the SPJ.

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International Intellectual Property Alliance wants more countries on USTR’s ‘Watch List’

Nothing to see here.The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) has filed a petition under the Special 301 provision to U.S. trade law with the United States Trade Representative to identify countries it believes have questionable laws and enforcement policies related to copyright and infringement. The IIPA is a coalition of trade groups representing various creative industries in Hollywood, the music industry, and the video game industry.

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Gigantic developer hit with ‘temporary’ layoffs

motigaGigantic may be in serious trouble as game developer Motiga announces a serious round of layoffs at the company. Motiga announced in a blog post this week that it was instituting a temporary layoff of a significant number of its staff.

The company said its financial situation warranted the layoffs – at least for the time being – and that it is in serious talks with investors.

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Nintendo and its fanboy – one of them doesn’t understand ‘Fair Use’

Eisen AppealLast month, on January 9th, I uploaded a video to YouTube called “Captain Toad Headbutts Toadette In the Crotch.”  The two and a half minute video uses gameplay and cutscene footage from Nintendo’s Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker to show off an animation that’s a little… odd, when viewed by a person with a mind as dirty as mine.

Alas, Content ID recognized the cutscene and the video was claimed by Nintendo, meaning the Big N would monitize my video and keep all of the ad revenue it generated.

I disputed its claim on grounds of Fair Use.  Last Saturday, four weeks to the day after I disputed its claim, Nintendo rejected my dispute.  So, what now?

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