‘Far Cry’ goes prehistoric

Ubisoft announced today that it is making one of its most popular action franchises into a prehistoric affair. The company announced that it is developing a new game called Far Cry Primal, the next exciting chapter in the Far Cry franchise set during the Stone Age. Far Cry Primal hits shelves worldwide on February 23, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will also ship on Windows PC in March 2016.

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‘League of Legends’ the most popular game on Twitch

twitchtvIn its latest monthly report, game streaming leader Twitch revealed that League of Legends in the most popular game yet again. The popular MOBA from Riot Games has been the top watched game title since Twitch started reporting on these sorts of things way back in 2013.

Counter-Strike GO, Hearthstone, Dota 2, and Destiny were also popular games among streamers and viewers during the month.

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Steam hardware gets dedicated space at retail

According to a Polygon report, Steam will have its own private little section at several retailers soon including EB Games and Game UK. According to an announcement by the company this week Steam will have its own dedicated space for Steam Machines, Steam Controller and Steam Link streaming device.

The special areas within traditional retail stores will also offer important items like Steam pre-paid cards as well.

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Ubisoft Acquires ‘The Crew’ makers

Ubisoft announced this week that it has acquired The Crew developer Ivory Tower. The France-based studio is known for its popular racing game. The Crew maker will continue to work on the franchise – in fact it is already hard at work on an expansion for the game.

“We’ve always enjoyed a very positive relationship with Ubisoft. Working together on The Crew, and celebrating its success, made us both understand that we have huge potential in continuing to work together in the future,” said Ivory Tower MD Ahmed Boukhelifa.

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Chipotle creates video game

U.S.-based restaurant chain Chipotle is taking a stand against genetically modified ingredients with a game modeled after a classic arcade favorite. The company has launched “Taste Invaders,” a game similar to Space Invaders where you control a giant burrito and fire missiles at artificial ingredients such as Sodium Alginate and Polysorbate 80. Bonus objects include subs and pizzas that you can kill to earn extra points.

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Custom Iwata amiibo hits ebay to raise money for Child’s Play charity

Iwata amiiboGandaKris, creator of a bunch of nifty custom-amiibo, has made a Satoru Iwata memorial amiibo and is selling it on ebay with 100% of the proceeds going to the Child’s Play charity.

For those that don’t know, Satoru Iwata served as Nintendo’s president from 2002 until he passed away last July from complications with growth on his bile duct.

As of this writing, the bidding sits at a $1,725 and the listing will be up for another three days.

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