Lyndon LaRouche Organization Compiles Its Video Game Rants

The Lyndon LaRouche organization has thoughtfully collected all of its wacky attacks on video games on a single page.

The chronology dates back to 1996 and contains some real classics. Here is a sampling:

May14, 1999: EIR publishes an article by Anton Chaitkin and Jeffrey Steinberg, “Unnatural Born Killers: Video Brain-washing and Littleton,” accompanied by an interview with Colonel Grossman, “Video Games Teach Children To Kill.”

July 2, 1999: EIR cover story leads with Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., “Star Wars and Littleton,” in which he emphasizes that “this murderous rampage will persist . . . whether or not the producers and distributors of cult-films and Nintendo-style video games intend that specific effect.”

Feb. 20, 2000: Helga Zepp-LaRouche gives a speech on “The Mark of the Beast: American’s Children Are in Mortal Danger…” She reviews the influence of Pokemon and Anime videos, as well as violent movies, on young minds, pre-teen as well as teen.

April 8, 2000: At a town meeting in New York City, Lyndon LaRouche urges the formation of a National Commission Against the “NewViolence.” (GP: LaRouche was running for president at the time)

Oct. 2, 2006: An adult gunman kills five girls and himself at an Amish school in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

April 16, 2007: Mass killing at Virginia Tech. Cho Seung-Hui, a student and violent-video-game afficionado, kills 32 people, before taking his own life.

As GamePolitics has reported, LaRouche representatives repeatedly testified before the Virginia Tech review panel in an attempt to push the video game theory (see: VA Tech Panel Witness: Violent Games Should Be Banned Like Heroin).

As far as the 2006 Lancaster schoolhouse massacre, this is the first time that a video game linkage has even been suggested, as far as we know.

Lyndon LaRouche Sees Microsoft Conspiracy in NIU Shooting

Miami anti-game violence activist Jack Thompson isn’t the only one connecting last week’s shooting rampage at NIU to the popular online FPS Counter-Strike.

Fringe political figure Lyndon LaRouche has also linked the game to the NIU tragedy. In a news release bearing the headline International Fascism: Microsoft Will Kill More Youth than Hitler, LaRouche’s political action committee writes:

Another young killer, Stephen Kazmierczak, who killed five people and wounded 16 others at Northern Illinois University, was allegedly addicted to Microsoft’s Counterstrike killer video-game. “He played a lot of video games, especially Counter-Strike, really loud,” said one of his dorm mates…

The intended effect, to foster an environment of mass suicide terrorism in the U.S.A., is a by-product of the ‘Revolution in Military Affairs’ policy… organized by [financier] Felix Rohatyn and [former Secretary of State] George P. Shultz; the same individuals… are the prime backers of a fascist [NYC Mayor Michael] Bloomberg Presidency.

In LaRouche View, Lieberman is a Video Game Defender

Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) is generally thought of as one of the video game industry’s most abiding critics.

After all, it was pressure from Lieberman which forced the industry to form the ESRB content rating system in the mid-1990’s.

But the LaRouche Political Action Committee has painted Lieberman as a tool of game publishers:

…What we failed to report in [2006] was the mass brainwashing of the killer video game lobby and its fascist friends from Silicon Valley, who teamed up with [Lieberman] to save killer video games from complete eradication in the wake of Columbine.

Joe’s protection of the video game industry comes from very obvious considerations: one, he’s heavily involved with the Revolution in Military Affairs, and two, he’s an easily bought asset.

Oddly enough, the LaRouche team chose to view this week’s release of the Annual Video Game Report Card as a positive development for the video game industry. In reality, the Report Card slammed game companies for what it said was a failure to effectively keep violent games out of the hands of children:

So, when LaRouchePAC released its newly hard hitting expose ‘Is the Devil on Your Laptop’, it was no surprise to hear fascist Lieberman jumping into the front lines to save this sick industry, when, at a Washington press conference on December 4, 2007 he announced, the “12th Annual Video Game Report Card” published by the National Institute on Media and Family, a not-for-family-profit organization.

LaRouche Party Sees Halo 3 Ushering in “New Dark Age”

The organization of far-out political figure Lyndon LaRouche, which blamed the Virginia Tech massacre on video games, has now targeted Halo 3.

An article on the LaRouche website (see: Halo 3: The Third Wave of Destroying the U.S.) rhetorically asks:

What kind of perverse mind would develop such a thing to lure in so many youthful and vibrant minds?

…How does one young adult get corrupted into becoming a psychotic-mass killer, or a mere useless drone for the likes of… [Vice-president] Dick Cheney? The most obvious answer to any thinking individual— is to dehumanize the image of human beings.

There are many tedious details and complexities that go behind the production of such games as Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, Entropia Universe, EVE-Online and Halo 3. However, once that dehumanizing process has been accomplished, the ability of making useless wars (like that of Iraq, today) and mass killing of innocent people, as in the case of the Virginia Tech incident, are stepping stones for the unleashing of a New Dark Age…

GP: Thanks to longtime GP reader Soldat Louis for the tip!

Despite Official Findings, LaRouche Spins VA Tech Video Game Involvement

Despite an official government report absolving video games of involvement in the April massacre at Virginia Tech, far-out political figure Lyndon LaRouche and his followers continue to insist that violent games influenced killer Seung Hui Cho.

Friday post on the LaRouche website reads in part:

Six families, whose relatives were killed in the VA Tech massacre in April, have retained a law firm which previously represented the families who lost members in the 1999 Columbine shootings, reported yesterday’s Washington Post…

Both Harris and Klebold were fanatical users of violent video games such as “Doom.”

…The VA Tech report touches on number of issues which could come out in full, in legal proceedings. These include Cho’s mental history, which was not made known to the University, and his addiction to killer video games.

GP: The LaRouche group is really working its agenda here. As previously reported on GamePolitics, there’s nothing in the VA Tech report about any supposed “addiction to killer video games”.

Nor does the Washington Post article referenced on the LaRouche website even mention video games. Rather, it details pending lawsuits against the University for allegedely failing to adequately safeguard the victims.

Finally, it’s ironic that the LaRouche folks are even citing the WaPo as a source, since they previously implied a cover-up by the newspaper on the video game issue.

Thanks to: Longtime GP reader Soldat Louis

Lyndon LaRouche Claims Video Game Coverup in VA Tech Commission Report

Far-out political figure Lyndon LaRouche smells a cover-up in this week’s Virginia Tech report.

As GamePolitics reported yesterday, a panel appointed by Gov. Tim Kaine found no evidence that killer Seung Hui Cho played violent video games. In fact, the only title specifically identified as being played by Cho was Sonic the Hedgehog.

LaRouche, however, finds “grave and frightening clues” in the report:

Seung-Hui Cho was exactly the kind of violent-media and video game addict about which LPAC has been warning…

Yet the Virginia Tech Panel went out of its way to understate, or ignore Cho’s deep involvement in violent Internet culture, from video games, to underground movies like the violent “Old Boy.”

Commenting today on the release of the panel’s report, Lyndon LaRouche said, “This commission came under major political pressure to keep out what is known about Cho’s involvement with video games–they obviously didn’t want to offend somebody.

LaRouche followers testified at several of the VA Tech Panel’s public hearings, claiming that video games were behind the shootings.

LaRouche Followers Claim Cover-up in Feds’ Virginia Tech Report

Last week GamePolitics reported that a Bush Administration study on the Virginia Tech massacre made no mention of video games despite allegations by Miami attorney Jack Thompson and members of the Lyndon LaRouch political action committee that violent games played a role in provoking the rampage.

Following the GP report, the LaRouche PAC called the study a cover-up on its website, and seems to allege some type of conspiracy between the video game industry and websites that reported on the Bush Administration’s findings:

The video game lobby is praising the [Virginia Tech] report for its cover-up of LPAC exposure of the Va Tech massacres. On June 21, on the lobby’s websites and magazines, Games Industry and Gammer [sic] Life, write:

“Despite the efforts of video game critics Jack Thompson and Lyndon LaRouche, the V-Tech report is out with no mention of video games at all… According to GamePolitics, the video game issue was brought up at the V-Tech Review Panel hearings no less than three times by supporters of Lyndon LaRouche PAC.”

The Virginia Tech Review Panel appointed by Gov. Tim Kaine continues to study the April 16th massacre.

LaRouche Follower Cut Short in Latest Virginia Tech Panel Meeting

The Virginia Tech Review Panel held its third public hearing yesterday at George Mason University in Fairfax.

And, for the third time, a representative of far-out political figure Lyndon LaRouche stepped up to the podium in an attempt to blame the April 16th massacre on violent video games.

This time, however, the committee was seemingly not in a mood to listen. Although committee chair Col. Gerald Massengill was exceedingly polite about it, the 24-year-old LaRouche follower (left) quite clearly got the hook, spending less than three minutes before the panel.

C-SPAN has video of the hearing (skip ahead to 2:28:22 for the brief LaRouche segment). GamePolitics has an mp3 of the audio portion here.

The review panel meets next on July 18th in Charlottesville.

UPDATE: The LaRouche PAC has posted its report on the June 11th hearing.

LaRouche Followers Continue Video Game Assault at Virginia Tech Hearings

Far-out political figure Lyndon LaRouche is apparently intent upon linking violent video games to the Virginia Tech massacre.

Last month GamePolitics reported on Virginia Tech Review Panel testimony given by Don Phau, a member of LaRouche’s political action committee (see: Violent Games Should be Banned Like Heroin). Phau attended the panel’s public meeting in Richmond, the first of several planned around the state.

Now, Joystiq’s Kyle Orland reports on testimony given by Larouche Youth Movement leader Paul Mourino (left) at the second Review Panel meeting, held in Blacksburg, where Virginia Tech is located. Among his comments, Mourino referenced game violence critic Dave Grossman and implied a media cover-up by the Washington Post:

In the aftermath of the Columbine High School massacres… Lyndon LaRouche joined such law enforcement experts as Col. David Grossman in demanding action against the manufacturers and distributors of violent point-and-shoot video games…

Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, is no exception, despite the near total media blackout of his involvement with violent video games, including “Counter-Strike.” News organizations like the Washington Post… confirmed his strong attraction to these games. Yet that story never appeared in print, and only accidentally showed up on a blog site associated with that newspaper…

I ran into this phenomenon when I was in middle school. The game “Wolfenstein 3D” was free and was the first killing simulation game on the market….

These video games are creating menticide among the young generation… We also recommend that you shame, fine, or regulate all those private corporations who have participated in these projects. Proper legislation, designed to protect my generation from these games, is needed…

GP: The “near total media blackout” alleged by Mourino ignores several national T.V. news programs which gave Miami attorney Jack Thompson air time to claim that Cho’s Counter-strike play led to the massacre as well as substantial play given to the issue in both the gaming and mainstream press.

UN hopes to have revised ‘cyber violence’ report available by year’s end

On September 24, the United Nations Broadband Commission released a controversial report about online harassment of women and girls. Not only did the report offer poor citation of its sources, it included sources that have been widely discredited, such as an old Lyndon LaRouche argument that video games like Pokémon teach children to become murderers.  … Read more