'The State of Play' looks at the current state of video games

August 21, 2015 - Andrew Eisen

Coming off the success of their first English-language book Minecraft: The Unlikely Tale of Markus "Notch" Persson and the Game that Changed Everything, Swedish writers Linus Larsson and Daniel Goldberg are back with State of Play, a collection of essays penned by some of the most prominent and respected voices in games criticism.

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'Stage of Development' documentary series adds 'Total Biscuit' to the line-up of interviewees

August 19, 2015 - James Fudge

Yesterday we wrote about the launch of the crowd-funding campaign for "Stage of Development: the human stories of video games," a documentary being created by Russ Pitts and his company Flying Saucer Media about gamers, gaming personalities, and game developers with interesting stories to tell.  

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'The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods' halfway to funding goal

August 17, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

Independent game developer and animator Chris de Castro's crowd-funding campaign for his first game, The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods, has raised $6,106 - over half of the amount the project needs to get fully funded. The game is described by de Castro as an experiment in narrative that uses gameplay mechanics to explore issues that surround cities such as urbanization, gentrification, immigration, urban economies, recycling, and public space.

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'Stage of Development' Kickstarter looks at the human stories of video games

August 17, 2015 - Andrew Eisen

Founder and President of Flying Saucer Media Russ Pitts has launched a Kickstarter for a documentary web series that will look at the human stories of video games.  If Pitts' name sounds familiar, it should.  He's the former EIC of The Escapist, co-founder and former Features Editor of Polygon, and co-founder of mental health non-profit Take This.

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PewDiePie and Smosh Games nominated for a VH1 Streamy Award

August 13, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

VH1 today announced the nominees for the fifth Annual Streamy Awards. The Streamy Awards are billed as a multi-platform event honoring the best in YouTube, online video and the creators behind it. The event will air live on VH1 and its digital platforms from the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 10:00 pm ET/delayed PT.

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Challenge accepted: interviewing an Internet #hashtag

August 12, 2015 - Brad Glasgow

"I believe that mainstream media is partly responsible for GamerGate. We are partly responsible for all the paranoia, the hyper-sensitivity on both sides, because I've always believed this: if you are in the media and you don't cover somebody adequately, you're doing a disservice to society. If you ignore a subculture they don't go away, they just get pissed off.

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Oculus Rift creator: 'I love the cover'

August 7, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

Oculus Rift creator and company founder Palmer Luckey remains unfazed by the Internet reaction to the Time Magazine that became a meme yesterday. Detailed in this story, the cover features a barefoot Palmer wearing the Oculus Rift VR headset, in a strange Karate Kid pre-crane kick pose, superimposed on top of a beach scene.

The internet reaction ranged from abject horror at the portrayal of VR on one of media's oldest and most popular print publications to utter amusement. Mostly people had fun superimposing Luckey in other crazy scenes for a few hours yesterday.

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Take This co-founder to speak at IGDA Leadership Summit

August 7, 2015 - James Fudge

Take This co-founder Russ Pitts will take part in a 60 minute lecture and discussion about depression and the workplace aimed at game developers at this fall's IGDA Leadership Summit. The presentation, "Depression-Proof Studio Culture: A How-To for Mental Wellness" is aimed at studio leaders and executives.

The point of the presentation is to highlight the fact that the rough and tumble atmosphere of development studio culture can often exacerbate symptoms of mental illness - symptoms that many leaders and/or employers may not recognize.

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Time rolls out all the stereotypical nerd tropes for VR cover

August 6, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

In between sharing memes and joking about Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey's Time cover about the future of virtual reality, some find it downright disheartening. The Time cover shows a barefoot Luckey in some weird pose poorly superimposed over a beach background. Clearly someone at Time is just learning how to use Photoshop. While the cover is silly and fun to laugh at, the words inside the article describing Luckey are mildly insulting.

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'Necromancer' remains in limbo 15 months after successful crowd-funding campaign

July 31, 2015 - James Fudge

In a nebulous, leaderless movement, it is inevitable that someone will take aim at a high profile member who they either don't like or agree with. That is exactly what happened last week when one individual  attempted to point out the shortcomings of a prominent figure within GamerGate.

'Afterlife Empire' to be released August 14

July 29, 2015 - James Fudge

After Life Empire has been "greenlit" by the Steam community, according to the game's Steam Greenlight page. The game is being published by The Fine Young Capitalists (TFYC), and developed by Danielle Maiorino and Bogota, Colombia-based developer Autobotika. The game's development was funded by a TFYC Indiegogo campaign last year.

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Northport, NY teen brings Sony and PlayStation to town

July 28, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

A Northport, New York (a village in Suffolk County, New York on Long Island's North Shore, in case you didn't know) teen has the distinction of being the only teenager in America to be selected among those whose created a video for the PlayStation contest "My Road To Greatness." In addition to being spotlighted by Sony in an upcoming video that will appear on its highly trafficked PlayStation Blog, the teen's home town of Northport will get to play Sony games at a special one-day event for the community.

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Subaltern Games releases alpha version of 'No Pineapple Left Behind'

July 28, 2015 - James Fudge

Subaltern Games is hard at work on a game that pokes fun at the U.S. educational system, or more specifically, "No Child Left Behind" called No Pineapple Left Behind. Today the company announced the release of a playable alpha for No Pineapple Left Behind that lets you get a taste of what it is aiming for when the game is finally released.

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'The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods' Kickstarter campaign launches

July 23, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

Independent game developer and animator Chris de Castro has launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for his first game, The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods. The game is described by its creator as an experiment in narrative that uses gameplay mechanics to explore issues that surround cities such as urbanization, gentrification, immigration, urban economies, recycling, and public space.

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'Insights into Sexism' - What the study really says

July 20, 2015 - Andrew Eisen

Well, this is embarrassing.

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PSA: EVO 2015 takes place this weekend

July 17, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

If you love fighting games, competition, and watching streams then this story will be of interest to you. This weekend in Las Vegas (well, actually right now, live) the Evolution Championship Series 2015 takes place, featuring the world's best Ultra Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat X, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros, Guilty Gear Xrd and Killer Instinct players fighting it out for top honors.

If this sounds like your kind of fun but you can't make it to Vegas, you're in luck - the event will be streamed live via Twitch.

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Research: sexism in online gaming is just good old-fashioned bullying

July 16, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

A new study contends that sexism in video gaming culture is simply just another form of bullying. The findings come from a new study called "Insights into Sexism: Male Status and Performance Moderates Female-Directed Hostile and Amicable Behaviour" by researchers Michael M. Kasumovic (from the Ecology and Evolution Research Centre at the University of New South Wales) and Jeffrey H. Kuznekoff (from the Department of Integrative Studies at Miami University Middletown).

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Outspoken eSports critic leaves ESPN

July 16, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

GameSpot is reporting that Colin Cowherd has left ESPN. Why does this matter to gamers? Because Cowherd has been a vocal critic of the network running eSports event coverage in the past. ESPN boss John Skipper announced Cowherd's departure from the network today in a formal statement.

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Poll: Should game journalists be part of the GamerGate discussion at the SPJ AirPlay event?

July 14, 2015 - Andrew Eisen

Yesterday, Society of Professional Journalists Region 3 Director Michael Koretzky laid out the schedule for next month's GamerGate discussion at the AirPlay event in Florida.

Discussion participants currently include three GamerGate advocates, two journalism experts and a game developer.

Notably, there are currently no game journalists attending.

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Reddit’s chief engineer leaves the company

July 14, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

Reddit’s chief engineer Bethanye Blount has left the company, joining interim CEO Ellen Pao who left the high-profile online community earlier in the month. In an interview with Re/code, Blount confirmed that she was leaving the company but would not say that her departure after only two months at Reddit was due to Pao’s exit. She did say that she had "lost confidence in the new direction of the company."

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GDC Vault releases video of Satoru Iwata's 2005 GDC Keynote

July 13, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

In honor of his passing, GDC Vault has made available a very important and inspiring speech from Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata today.  By way of Gamasutra, GDC Vault has made available a video of Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata's 2005 Game Developer Conference keynote address, "Heart Of A Gamer."

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'Fallout 4' and 'Elder Scrolls Online' will be at QuakeCon 2015

July 10, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

While it shouldn't shock anyone that other Bethesda properties will be shown off at QuakeCon in August, it's still good news for those who plan on attending the annual event dedicated to id Software's popular first-person shooter franchise.

Bethesda - which is owned by Zenimax, along with id Software - announced that it would show The Elder Scrolls Online, the new DOOM, and... Fallout 4.

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New governance system having a real impact on 'League of Legends' community

July 8, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

Riot Games' lead designer of social systems Jeffrey Lin has penned an article at Re/code detailing the changes that the company is making to its ultra popular MOBA League of Legends - and how these changes are having a real impact on community behavior.

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PewDiePie talks money, addresses haters in new video

July 8, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

After Swedish newspaper Expressen revealed that PewDiePie (in real life 25-year-old Felix Kjellberg) made around $7 million in 2014 from his popular YouTube videos about gaming, some people took to social media to take aim at the popular Internet star. The response was mixed, but some negative articles and Internet comments proved to be enough to get Kjellberg's attention.

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'Prescription Pixel' offers a space for gamers to talk about mental health issues

July 6, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

This Kotaku Australia article highlights a new web site dedicated to creating a safe space for people who like gaming and want to discuss mental health issues called Prescription Pixel. Speaking to Kotaku Australia, founder "Jennifer" (described as a YouTube broadcaster and a psychologist in her day job) says the site is meant to serve as an important resource to gamers who might find themselves isolated, feeling alone and depressed.

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Bakersfield, Calif. teacher takes aim at 'Just Dance' world record

July 3, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

A Bakersfield California elementary school teacher will attempt to break three world records related to Just Dance beginning on July 11.

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Reddit protests takes popular subs offline after AMA coordinator gets fired

July 3, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

Parts of Reddit have been set to private - including some of the biggest gaming subreddits - in protest of "Ask Me Anything" coordinator Victoria Taylor getting fired. In response to Taylor getting sacked yesterday, several moderators have decided to set their sections to "private," effectively taking them offline for the rest of the world to peruse.

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'Gaming in Color' now available on Steam

July 2, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

MidBoss Games documentary about the culture of gaming as it relates to the LGBTQ+ community, Gaming in Color is officially available for purchase on Steam. Distributed through Devolver Digital Films, the documentary is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Vudu, VHX, Gumroad, and Vimeo. The film will is available for a limited time for a 33 percent discount as well - for $4.01.

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PSA: 'MineCon' will be broadcast on Twitch this weekend

July 2, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

Can't make it to MineCon, the annual event celebrating all things Minecraft, that is being held in London July 4 - 5? Well then we have some news that might make you feel a little bit better: parts of it will be broadcast live via Twitch.

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National Stem Video Game Challenge announces winners of 4th annual competition

June 29, 2015 - GamePolitics Staff

The National STEM Video Game Challenge announced today the winners of the fourth annual national competition that challenges students to develop games or game concepts that promote science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects / learning.

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