Fish Game

The fish game or better known as the fish table is one of the online casino video games that you can find on almost all Malaysian gambling sites. Fish games may be less popular than games gambling other casinos. But for you casino game fans, this game will look fun and challenging.

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This is because this arcade type game is very easy to play, you just need to shoot the cannon at the group of swimming fish as much as you can to get rewards and then redeem them for cash.

For those of you who want to better identify this fish eat fish casino game, don’t worry, our team of experts will guide you to provide the best information and tips to play fish games online in Malaysia.

What is a Fish Table Game?

Fish game is a video arcade game that requires a little skill. You will be faced with a pond with a group of fish and a cannon. The main objective of this game is to shoot as many fish with cannonballs as you can within a limited time period. The more fish and the bigger the fish you drop, the more reward points you will get, reward points you can redeem for cash.

For those of you who like video games or arcade type video games , the fish table game is probably a game that you must try. This game offers fun that you may not have found in any other online casino game.

This fish game is completely different from other casino table games. If other casino games are based only on chance and luck, fish table games combine luck and skill. In addition, the better your gambling skills, the greater your chances of winning.

How To Play The Fish Board Game

Fish games are casino table games that you can only find on online casino websites. Therefore, to be able to play the fish game game, the first step is that you need to register on the online casino website first.

By registering as a new member, it entitles you to claim promotional programs and bonuses that are offered which you can then take advantage of to learn how to play fish games and hone your playing skills to improve your gaming ability.

The game of fish is a skill-based game, therefore, the level of playing ability of a player also needs to be taken into account. Once your registration is confirmed, now it’s time to start your adventure exploring the virtual ocean filled with hundreds of fish of various species ready for you to encounter.

Choose any fish game you like, place your first bet. Please remember, the size of the bet you place, will affect the ability of your bullets and cannons. As a beginner, you can place on small bets first. Collect reward points from every shot you fire and hit the fishes, shoot them until they fall to get bigger rewards. The more fish you shoot, the more points you collect. The reward points can be used either to upgrade cannons during the game or redeemed for cash.

Fish Table Free Game

To play fish games for free you can try playing on demo mode, there are many casino websites that offer fish games with demo mode. You can play for free without having to open an account and make a deposit, you won’t lose anything, but you won’t get anything when you win either.

Besides playing with demo mode, there is another way to play fish games for free, which is by taking advantage of bonuses. There are basically no bonuses specific to fish table games. All bonuses provided by all online casino websites can also be used for other casino games, including fish games.

Therefore, never miss the bonus offered, this is because, with the bonus you can take advantage of it to hone your skills and improve your playing ability, as well as be able to set a better strategy without having to use your own money. It is useful for your supplies before you play fish games using real money.

Tips For Players

For some people, playing fish games is a new experience. Therefore, our team of experts will guide you to improve your overall fish table playing experience and strategy.

  • Strategy : Plan a strategy and prepare to the best of your ability, this is because each fish game machine has its own game features, but in general they are all the same. In the beginning, shoot some small fish first to increase the level of your cannon and then if your strength is enough, shoot the big fish.
  • Conserve : Every shot you fire will reduce your bet money, therefore you must be economical with your ammunition by not firing bullets blindly. You don’t only play relying on your skills, but also rely on luck.
  • Cannon : To shoot big fish is not an easy thing. You need ammo and cannon with enough power. But you have to remember that, the bigger the power of the bullets and cannons, the bigger the size of your bet. But it will also give you a greater chance of killing bigger fish.

Game Features

Fish table game is an arcade video game based on online gambling that offers a new experience in playing casino. It juxtaposes ability and skill in playing in addition to relying on luck. In addition, it also has unique gambling free game features and requires a good understanding.

Here are some of the game features that you can find on most of the fish games on online casino websites.

  • Multiplier : When you manage to catch a big fish in a short period of time without losing your shot, you will get a progressive multiplier on your reward.
  • Auto Shot : With the auto shot mode, you can shoot as many fish as you want quickly and immediately.
  • Lock Shot : With the lock mode, you can lock and aim the shot at the biggest fish. This lock will lock and follow wherever the fish swims before you shoot it. It is like a missile that locks onto the target before firing.

Pros And Cons Of The Game

All online gambling machine games of course have advantages and disadvantages regardless of their form. However, it does not affect anything that can affect the fun of playing this game. Below, we list some pros and cons of fish table games.

Benefit :

  • Immersive and impressive visuals
  • Lower risk due to the skill-based nature of the game.
  • Greater chance of winning.
  • Unique and creative game structure.
  • High RTP percentage.
  • Demo mode available


  • Not all online casinos offer this game.
  • Requires good game strategy.
  • Difficult to memorize unique features.
  • Doesn’t have a lot of game options.

Payment Options

Payment methods are one of the most important factors in online gambling. This is because gambling is an activity that requires efficient, fast and immediate financial transactions. In addition, security is also the most important aspect in choosing a secure and reliable payment method.

Almost all online casino websites in Malaysia that offer fish table games have complied with banking security standards by supporting SSL encryption technology measures. In addition, Casino operators also support payment methods that are widely used in the country such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

Below are some payment methods that are widely used and adopted by almost all online casino websites in Malaysia

  • Credit/Debit Cards : Debit cards are still the most widely used payment method in Malaysia, and almost all Malaysian casino websites support debit/credit cards as a payment method.
  • E-wallet : E-wallet is designed for fast and immediate financial transaction process. Local brands such as Touch ‘n Go Pay, and GrabPay are among the most popular e-wallets in Malaysia and are supported by many casino websites in Malaysia
  • Cryptocurrency : In addition to being used for investment purposes, cryptocurrency is also widely accepted as a payment method in many casino sites in Malaysia.

Opportunities And Payments

Understanding the concepts and rules in the game of fish is essential to forming a viable game strategy. Just like other Malaysian 24-hour online gambling games, the target fishes represent symbols, however, you do not need to line up the various fishes to achieve victory as in slot games. You just have to shoot him until he falls or dies to get the reward.

You will encounter dozens or even hundreds of fish in unique shapes, such as squid, crabs, sharks, puffer fish, and even mermaids. The rule is, the bigger the fish, the more bet money you need to shoot it down, but the bigger the fish, the bigger the reward.

Mobile Version Game

Like other casino games, fish games are also available in mobile versions, either through laptops, Android, and iOS. Playing using a mobile device is suitable for those of you who have high mobility.

In some countries, you may not find mobile casino apps on the Play Store or the App Store. Therefore, another alternative is to install the apk file on your device by scanning the QR code to be able to download the mobile casino application. You can find it on the main website of the casino of your choice.

In terms of compatibility, fish games will probably work well on your mobile phone, but on some other types of fish games, it may feel a bit cramped.

Basically fish shooting games are meant to be played on a bigger screen. This is because, so that you have a picture of all the enemies as a whole and it can affect the trajectory of your shooting. Therefore, we recommend to play this fish table game using a computer, laptop, or at least a tablet.

Fish Game Bonuses And Promotions

As we have commented above, that bonuses and promotions on fish games are basically the same as casino bonuses on Malaysian gambling sites. There are no specific bonuses for fish games.

However, all bonuses and promotions offered by online casino websites are always subject to terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements and other conditions. Therefore, you need to check and understand the terms and conditions.

Here are some of the bonuses and promotions offered by online casino websites in Malaysia.

  • Free Bet Bonus : Free bet bonus is another form of welcome bonus. You just need to register as a new member on any online casino website in Malaysia to be able to get the bonus. With this bonus, you can play fish games without having to lose money.
  • Cashback Bonus : If you activate this bonus, every loss you suffer at the fish table game will be returned to your casino account at least 10% of your loss.
  • 100% Deposit Bonus : To get this bonus, you need to make a cash entry or deposit with the specified minimum amount. Once your deposit is confirmed, the bonus will be credited to your account for 100% of the deposit amount you made.


Fish game is a game based on luck and skill. But, no matter how good your luck is, if you don’t have enough skill, you’ll just shoot bullets and get nothing.

Therefore, it is recommended to always hone your skills to improve your playing ability. Take advantage of every opportunity, you can find a casino website that provides a demo mode for fish games, or join the offers of promotional and bonus programs. You will not lose your money, in fact you will gain valuable experience.

Finally, by reading this review prepared by our team of experts, we hope it will help you understand and plan fish table games even better.

Frequently asked questions

What is fish gambling?

Fish gambling is a modern casino game that juxtaposes the basics of chance and skill. You just have to shoot as many fish as you can to achieve victory.

Which fish table game is the best?

It is very difficult to decide which one is the best fish game, fish games have many types and different levels of difficulty and payout amounts. So choose the fish game that suits your shooting skill level.

How to win in fish game?

Hone your shooting skills to shoot as many fish as you can. The bigger the fish you get the bigger the reward you receive.

Can I play fish tables online for real money?

Of course, fish games are designed to be played in real money casino gambling.

Does the fish board game depend on skill?

Yes, but skill is not the only determinant of victory, this is because the game combines the basics of chance, luck, and skill.

Are fish table games legal?

Fish games are legal, but online gambling is illegal in this country. But don’t worry, you can still indulge in gambling through online casino websites that are licensed abroad, and you can join them.